Galston Bendigo Bank, Application Form

Galston Financial Services Limited, the company which operates the Galston & District Community Bank Branch of The Bendigo Bank, is committed to serving Galston and the surrounding district.

The bank’s objectives include the following:
· To provide the best possible banking services to its customers,
· To operate the business on a sound financial basis, returning appropriate dividends to it’s shareholders,
· To support projects that are intended to benefit the Galston & District community and to assist individual groups and residents of the Galston District in their pursuit of worthwhile objectives.

Ultimately, the profits of the company will thus be devoted to providing a return to investors, retention as capital for future growth and for distribution as community support grants. 

The company has now reached the point where consideration can be given to applications for community grants, sponsorships & donations. The company’s commitment to the level of this profit share initiative will be determined at the time and may be varied from year to year in accordance with the financial position of the company.

The board of the company will determine the extent of the financial commitment for each community grant and will also determine to which group or individuals the funds will be distributed. The decision of the board will be final and no correspondence will be entered into once the decisions on distribution have been resolved.


Criteria for the application of funding may change to reflect changing circumstances but initially the following criteria will apply:

1. For consideration for support to be given, the applicant will be expected to be a customer of the Galston Community Bank for it’s banking needs unless it can be demonstrated that this bank cannot provide the specific services required. Preference will be given to organisations and individuals that have a history of support as customers of the Galston Community Bank.

2. Applicants for funding must demonstrate that the community bank’s financial support will benefit the community or a significant section of it or will assist an individual member of the community to pursue an objective of benefit to the Galston & District community. Funding will only be provided to not for profit organisations or projects.

3. A Galston Community Bank application form must be submitted in writing and should include:

(a) A description of the project,

(b) Level of funding sought,

(c) Anticipated benefit to the community,

(d) Evidence to support the financial viability of groups seeking support,

(e) The capacity of the applicant to raise funds independently of the bank,

(f) In the case of individual submissions, the applicant should provide evidence of pre-existing community benefit from his or her chosen activity and demonstrate how support from the bank will assist the continuance and enhancement of that activity.

(g) Whether the applicant is eligible for funding from other sources such as Federal, State or Municipal governments or other special interest support organisations.

4. All applications will be treated in confidence by the board.

5. The board may request additional information for any application and may request personal representation.

6. The board may require proof of expenditure from the recipient.

7. Consideration will not be given to any requests or events in retrospect.

8. Applications should be addressed to:

The Chairman,
Galston Financial Services Limited
348 Galston Road,
Galston. 2159. 


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