Increasing Cashflow

Through Retirement

26th March 6pm The Galston Club


Introducing Raymonda Bechara expert Financial Planner from Wealth at Bendigo Bank.

Raymonda explains why you should come along to this FREE event and what you will learn.


Gary Mangan, Manager Galston Community Bank Branch

Raymonda Bechara, Finanical Planner, Wealth at Bendigo Bank

Blake Heresford, Challenger

Ian Simpson, Simpson & Philips Solicitors

what you will learn

  • Gain a better understanding of Aged Care, the fees and the implications.
  • What are your options if the family home becomes a burden.
  • Learn how to generate income in this low interest rate environment.
  • Learn what the issues are surrounding Centrelink, what’s claimable and what are the implications.
  • Gain a better understanding of Power of Attorney and Estate Planning.

Who Sould Attend:


  • Anyone nearing retirement age.
  • Adult children of aging parents.
  • Those interested in or considering Aged Care either for themselves or for a loved one.
  • People interested in building a better retirement.
  • Anyone interested in Estate Planning.

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