All students at Glenorie Public School now have access to their own technological device. Whether that be an iPad in Kindergarten or a notebook in Year 3, they all can access the internet simultaneously and work on research projects or educational apps, code and digital games, producing websites, Google Apps to access tasks set for them or showing what work they have completed at school live to their parents each day through Seesaw. The Wi-Fi has enabled our students and teachers to access technology all day, every day to make learning more engaging and motivating for young people, whose ‘digital bedrooms’ at home were a parallel universe to their lives at school.

Technology hardware and software is expensive. Through the assistance of the Galston Branch of Bendigo Bank, we have been able to replace outdated equipment and keep current in the changing world of technology. It is critical that our children are empowered to manage these devices fully and this can only be achieved in schools having access to Wi-Fi. Students will need to have a deep understanding of information systems, as this will enable them to use critical thinking when they manage data, information, processes and digital systems to make decisions about their future.

With access to the internet for all our students via the Wi-Fi, we will have students who can resolve their digital needs in imaginative ways; they will be efficient operators of technology and critical users of information.

The Wi-Fi has enabled our students to use Apps such as Seesaw. Seesaw has given our families an immediate and personalized window into their child’s school day to communicate with them and their teacher. From the student’s device at school to their parent’s phones, wherever they may be on the planet, our students can now document their learning with creative tools and ask others such as their peers and parents to comment in real time. Without the installation of Wi-Fi in every classroom, this could not be possible.

One parent has commented that their child always said they did not know how to do a certain maths concept in their homework. However, the mother said she saw her doing it at school and so witnessed the evidence that she can do it. She was pleased to tell her daughter that she knew she could do it and she was able to finish her homework. Sometimes technology can work in the teacher’s favour.